Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Things of MASSIVE importance in the world today

It has been a while since I have written as things been very busy and have had some hectic and quite stressy times in last two weeks .

Managed to get back to my former spiritual home of Motcombe last weekend and had a great night with the legends that make up the "Premier Club". Gangsta , Guru, Big Al,Donna, Adder, Jackie and not forgetting Roxy and the Brushmeister ... All very silly names , especially when you consider how bloody great they are .
NB very disappointed that Ronan did not jet back from Greece for the night..
Ok .. a good night and head now sorted .. only problem is am off work today as freezing cold and streaming .. hence time for some casual observations on the world today ...

1) Jon and Edward .... who the F**k are they ... I have never ever seen or heard of them and I hate them already ... In a year where my favourite boy band singer was Steven Gately , my favourite chef Keith Floyd and favourite actor was Patrick Swayze I would like to say they are my fav twins !!!

Moving on ... 2) Just read that bankers from bailed out banks will not be getting bonuses .... Isn't
that a bloody no brainer ... actually maybe not ... some of those poor darlings are down to their last 4 Ferraris !!

3) On TV this Friday is Michael Jackson .. The Seance !!! For the sake of everything what a lot of crap ... leave it alone ... who cares ... !! Wil it be another staged TV spectacular in the style of Derran Brown and the lottery??

Rant over ... Looking for this years Lapland scam but can not find it yet !!


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