Wednesday, 15 April 2009

11 go mad in Cornwall !!

The last two weeks can best be descibed as a social maelstom of catastrophic proportions ! Week before last a group of 11 of us went to Trethorne in Cornwall for a lads golf weekend. All sorts of weird and wonderful things happened

Firstly ... I got a really nice single room .. with three beds in it and I manged to keep it neat and tidy !!

The "Lightening Boy" despite being 40 yrs old tried his first ever piece of fruit!! See how happy he is and how he has a pint of "emergency"Smiths on standby to wash away any fruity goodness !

Our friend and cultural attache "The Oaf" lost his job as a director with Samaritans .... we believe it might have been something to do with the content on his tee shirt !!

And of course .. as when you get a collection of blokes that have drunk too much you always get some abject stupidity . In the toilets in the bar area were some non reflective empty picture frames . A colleague who shall remain nameless to spare his feelings after such an act of mind numbing stupidity returned to the bar with a bit of a troubled look on his face. When tackled on the subject he admitted to being slightly concerned about having become a vampire as he was no longer casting a reflection ... after being verbally torn to shreds for being a F**Kwit he saw the folly of his ways !!

On my return I had some fantastically funny correspondence from the firm of receivers handling the affairs of the much missed and lamented "Lapland New Forest" The investigator looking at the reason for the failings of the company threw around many pages of business logic for the failings . I looked hard but could not find words like "con" or "scam" anywhere . Out of interest if the company has no assetts to pay the creditors who actually pays the receivers ??

And from there it was my "Birthday weekend ... now that was bad !!