Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Health vs Unhealthy ...

This was a weekend of extremes whereby my actions were extremely unhealthy and involved over consumption or were in fact good and wholesome and involved marching all around the Dorset coast..

Friday night was a little different in that I saw an Irish band and actually took part in a little Irish dancing ... well actually I got my feet caught up stumbled and nearly fell but to my fellow revellers I was Flatleys stunt double ... it would have been rude to shun the hero worship !!

Went for a walk around Portland on Saturday and walked down from Easton down to Church Ope cove which has an ancient graveyard ... Just off the main Graveyard is one grave all by itself ... Pirates apparently could not be buried with normal folk ...

Guess this means that modern day pirates like Lightening and I will get kind of lonesome when we curl up our toes !!
Church Ope Cove .. Portland

Obviously such a pleasant walk on Saturday afternoon meant that to restre balance to my life it was neccesary to go out on Saturday night , play pool and darts and generally behave in a totally unacceptable manner for an established pillar of society . Luckily I have a staunch ally when it comes to such churlish behaviour !! This obviously includes the consumption of purest blue cider !!

Sunday was a day of extreme walking which was in fact very enjoyable. We started off by driving to Lulworth Cove and walking around the Cove and having a bit of a picnic ..

After this we walked up to the Stairhole ... 26 years ago as a Geography undergrad I would have got excited at seeing the rock formations ... Now I just see a terrific bit of coast !!

From there it was the long walk all the way around the cliffs to Durdle Door and the Man o' War.... A terrific walk with great views !!

From there a bit of paddling and the long walk back to Lulworth . I must admit when we got back i was certainly starting to feel it !

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend ... and for the benefit of my good friends Nigel and Roscoe .... It's like a F******G rudder innit !!!


Funnyface said...

Hi Shaun, am luving the piccys - Lulworth Cove is on my 'must see' list for next year. You were right when you made the comment to me previously that as coast dwellers we are very lucky. House in Wales is lookin fab, you must be very very pleased with your efforts. I am off to Wales in December - feeling excited about that as it will be my first visit!
Big Luv, Jaynee X

shauntannerTenthirteengoesforth said...

Hi Jayne ... where in Wales are you going ??