Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Cream of The Leafy Village ... en route to the Hellmouth

Bit of a scary week ahead as on Saturday in a clash of cultures which is basically on a techtonic scale all that is bad in Portland ... namely myself , Lightening and The Rock will meet up with Motcombe's leading socialites.

Lightening is the sort of discerning drinker who can tell the difference between a "smooth breakfast Cider" through to a mellow sleepy bedtime brew.. The man has raised the bar on enthusiasm and capacity breaching .

Rocky however is more of a concern as he has in the past displayed the abilitiy to create mayhem from tranquility .. His standard smile , sneer and swearword delivery has produced stunning effects all over the Royal Duchy of Portland . Even Rocks canaries are aggressive!!

What we are basically looking at is a clash of all the sane and normal people from Motcombe

And all the sane and normal people from Portland !!

It is also a rich combination of fighting lesbians and of course England vs Wales at Rugby .. I am excited but also a little bit scared !!