Sunday, 19 October 2008

The value of Anthrax as a food flavouring !!

This is my first entry on Blogger so I don't really know what to expect . Have been writing on AOL since Feb 06 until they dropped the big one on us earlier this month . Got quite a busy week lined up as delivering two Food Safety courses at one of the South's prominent Young Offenders Institutes , also known as South London by the Sea.

Monday always being the best day as I get to meet my new classes and am usually treated to the comment "What is this shit Gov ?"

I must confess I had a real chuckle earlier as Walkers crisps contacted me with regard my entry (which was a spoof!!) in their name a flavour competition. Every year myself and some of my dubious friends go to Cardiff to watch rugby , drink stupid ammounts of beer , visit gay bars (curiousity only!! see above) and befriend Police women called Rhiannon .. One of the delights we always have to eart is a noxious and toxic pile of waste called an Anthrax bhajee. It is bright purple and is actually truly horrible. Can you possibly imagine wanting to eat something that looks like this ?? (see top left) As you will have worked out .. I have not sussed blogger yet and can not put my pictures where I want to !! Long and short of it ... have entered the Walkers competition under the guise of "Donner Kebab flavour crisps with the anthrax bhajee picture and it has made it on to the Walkers site . I live in hope !!
I will work this out ... maybe ..