Sunday, 21 June 2009

A somewhat downtrodden Blog

Today is fathers day .. well it was .. I just didnt write earlier .. I have had a bit more contact with my girls just recently and was hoping for some contact ... didnt happen ... I appreciate it is tough for them but yes it got me down !!

On the plus side . after ages of talking about it I finally got out on the "Saucy Trout " this weekend ... Have a look at the pic .. the engine is far too big for the boat !!

The obvious plus side to that is that the boat is very fast and overpowered and likely to tip over at high speed ... but hey ... who wants to live forever !!

What this pic fails to show is the fact that I am at the front end trying to keep the boat in the water whilst the lightening boy is giving it large at the power end !!

We actually caught a combination of Pollack , mackrell and whiting and had a really good day ... Right up to the point where we docked and I think Lightening broke two of my knucles ... C'est la vie ... Took this picture of Portland early evening and did like it !!

Shows the locals on Chesil beach ... fishing at about 9pm .. Bloody magic !!

At the risk of rubbishing myself I also took part in a golf competition earlier and won a competition of extreme skill which was rewarded by my good mate .. Ice Ice PP .. Motcombes gangsta with homosexual tendancies on the building site ... face it .. who else wears a cravat whilst mixing muck !!

What happened was I mis hit a shot ... well actually I miss hit several and ended up embarrassed by length ... But Pete with me it is only on the golf course that length is an issue and not a life time curse that I have to endure ... As such I was awarded a batch of rose and lavender bath salts ... Ashamed !! bollux .. I won it fair and sqare !!

Regards to all !!