Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Watching too much Arnie !!!

Firstly to say a big Hi to my friend and colleague Tony who is feeling a bit rough and off work . All the gang from the Piss Pot Palais are missing you bud .... get yourself well so we can get a bit more of this in !!
Sadly .. it has just dawned on me that walking around wearing sunglasses ... a leather glove on one hand and black and white leather shoes is a bit of a retro Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" thing to do ... message to self never again !!
Tony .. I know you will read this tomorrow so get back on your feet as soon as poss as myself and the obnoxious horrible bastard (aka Golf Club boy !!) are officially challenging you and Kev to a fourball !!
Cheers Bud

back to more Arnie inspired violence and one liners !!!


Funnyface said...

OMG Shaun, jus when i think nothing you do surprises me 'the golfer' sends me into stunned silence....Hmmmm its the glove thing you got going on ..... i think !!!
Big Luv
Jaynee X

shauntannerTenthirteengoesforth said...

Hi Jayne

It may suprise you to know I have had a lot of stick from certain quarters over the glove and shoes .. !!